Safe Food With Redbox Catering


Food Safety With Redbox

Food Safety is a Discipline. We meet code requirements, approvals, and access by authorised persons.

Our food and its design complies with the Food Act of 2006, and the Food Standards Code.

Our License is displayed on our premises.

We have procedures in place for supervision, food handling, food surfaces, temperature control, hygiene, staff health & training, packaging, food display, waste disposal, clothing, washing, cleaning, exhausts, sanitation, maintenance, grease traps, fixtures & fittings, documentation, schedules, and licensed contracting for required services.

While this appears to be a check list for various data, it is both an acknowledgement of our business standards for you as the customer and our respect of the standards, and our daily context and thought around the food we prepare in our surroundings.

At our audit inspections we have a high standard of compliance.

Eat Safe with Redbox Catering.

In addition to these requirements, we meet special needs of customers, such as labeling and packaging for allergy needs, and correct distribution of foods.

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