Welcome to 2018.

So my question is, whatever happened to tea?

I was up at Maleney, they grow tea up that way, in a coffee shop and asked if they have tea. Not really, just the usual tea bags.

I thought, this is pretty common now. Everything is coffee, but where is the quality tea?

My nephew’s coffee shop uses tea from the Steepery. Not only great tea, but I love the packaging, so much so I keep it on my kitchen bench rather than putting it in an air tight jar.

I discovered that “real” tea is expensive. I don’t earn a lot of money so the hunt began for a good traditional strong black tea – the full leaf. I want to keep brands like Steepery in my collection, but I had to find great tea at an affordable price. Some friends of mine get their tea from Hong Kong, but it costs just as much as quality tea here. When I’m next up at Mum’s I’m going to try the Arakai estate tea.

How do I know good tea? I remember the days my grandmother had a pot of tea. A lot of foods tasted better back then. It is this comparison that drives us on from one brand to another I think. We grew up in Moggill where cows, chickens, corn and pineapples roamed the hills! (Roaming pineapples is quite a site I can tell you.) So we know what food is. This is how I knew we were digesting milk that wasn’t milk some years back until it finally caught up with the truth. However, the closest I tasted to real milk back then was Norco organic milk. Venturing out to try new brands can offer surprises.

So, back to tea. I thought I had the best Ceylon black tea, but it was not the full leaf. I found another brand of tea that cut the tea leaf off ! leaving the stalks and a little bit of the leaf above the stalk. It was not that good actually. I went into a couple of shops over at West End and bought their organic loose leaf black teas at incredibly low prices. I could buy bucket loads for that price. And, wow! They tasted fresh and full. This was black tea. I finally got it. But my pursuits are not over yet. I will continue to explore. At least I now have tea that tastes better and costs far less than what I used to think was pretty top notch.

The question then remains. Why are the coffee shops not selling great tea. I decided to reduce my coffee intake to one cup a day. Having the tea means I can do this without a sense of loss, but rather a new sense of gain. I feel better having less coffee, but I freely admit, coffee is the best beverage I know, and so the hunt for more coffee beans continue as well, and in late 2017 I triumphed with Byron Bay coffee. The point being that there are great coffees to be found round about Brisbane, and if we cannot afford $20 for 250 grams, we can find no disappointment with some specialist coffees priced at $12.

Yours Truly,

Web Admin – Laurie